Video Log

January 8, 2015
Hits From 2014 Played With Household Items
Panda Playing In Snow
Trail Riding With Dirt Bike Crash
Cyclist Crashes
Ant-Man Teaser

January 8, 2015
Pig Slides On Frozen Sidewalk
Munchkin Strolls Along Beach
Neighbours Catch Girl In Quilt
Skier Crashes
Bus Crash

May 22, 2013
Balloon Experiment
Color Me Badd – “I Wanna Sex You Up”
Wolf Blitzer And Atheist
The Body-Brain Test
How To Tell If Your Parents Are Hippies
Kitty Plays With Paper Towels
Puppy Meets Horse
Squash: Allam British Open 2013 – Rd1 Roundup part 1
Pug With Unusal Bark
The Ting Tings – “Hang It Up”

May 15, 2013
Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2
Lego Casino Royale
Two Sleeping Cats
Soccer Player Shows Great Sportsmanship
Kitty Falling Asleep
Yorkie Puppy
Dog Enjoys Potato Chips
Candy Science – Sick Science! #143
Hubble Finds Evidence of Planets Orbiting White Dwarf Star

May 14, 2013
Jon Stewart Shows Why CNN Has Become the Clown News Network
Kitty Needs More Snacks
Kitty And Two Lizards
Kitty Says “Don’t Touch My Computer”
Dog Playing With Tail
Hungry Kitty
Bald-headed Eagle Takes Fish Right Off My Fly Line And Goes For A Run
Kitty Combs Hair
How To Dig To China

May 13, 2013
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Promo 1
Puppies Stuck In A Bowl
Cat Punches Litterbox
Film Canister Rocket Science Experiment
Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer
Glasgow Science Center – Optical Illusions
First Music Video Shot in Space
Brave Chihuahua Protects Kittens
Gorgeous Evening View
The Science of Lightning

May 10, 2013
Cat Wearing Google Glasses – Google Glass Parody – Petody
Pepper the Wonder Puppy
‘DJ cat’ Becomes Internet Sensation
Old English Bulldog Puppy vs. Yorkiepoo
Golf Water Skip On a Par 3
Kevin Hart
Gai Maito
Bus Commercial

May 9, 2013
Cat Eats Food With Paws
Ray McKinley and the Will Bradley Orchestra – 1942: Barnyard Bounce
How Would Nicolas Cage Act In A Horror Movie?
Watermelon In 30 Seconds Or Less
Squash: KPMG grand Slam Cup 2013 (Exhibition) Semi-Final Roundup
Goose Fights Gorilla
Why You Dont Perform Magic To Small Children

May 8, 2013
The Disgusting Little Things That People Do
Kiss Cam Breakup May 3, 2013
X-47B First Arrested Landing NAS Pax River
Tom Brady Screaming At The Kentucky Derby Hilarious
Pomeranian Puppies
Maker vs Marker
Morgan Freeman Endorses Kitty Posters
Freedom Flyer Roller Coaster POV First Ever Test Run
Greg Popovich Postgame Interview: May 6. 2013
Truck Rear Ends Car

May 6, 2013
Cat Oopens Door For Dogs
Siamese Cat Playing In Bathtub
Puppies Playing With Balls
The Science Behind The Field Sobriety Test
Minecraft Rollercoaster
Kansas Mayor Interrupted
Nebraska’s Chad Christensen With A Great Catch vs. Indiana
Amazing Goals and Ugly clashes – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Ep.2
How Much Stuff Do Our Bodies Make In A Year?
Extreme Road Rage

April 25
‘Lie Witness News’ – Coachella
Cat On Perch
Puppy And Adult Dog
Commercial For Olympics Video Game
Cat Knocks Over Egg During Artist Interview
Weather Woman Reacts To Falling Camera
Cat Drinking From A Bottle
Animated Bird
Large Water Bubble
Bunny Playing With Ballon

April 23
Puppy Catches Ball
Cats Talking
Puppy Barks At Robot Dinosaur
Ball of Light In Argentina (April 21, 2013)
Cat Attacks Another Cat
Animated Creature Walking
Cute Mad Kitty
Robot Chicken: Bob the Union Scab
Young Man Runs Up Wall And Falls
Huff and Puff Challenge

April 18
Tears in Space Don’t Fall
LICHT – Game For Leap Motion 3D Controller
Animated Bird
Wingsuit Cave Flight
Dog Catching Food
Dogxter (Dexter Parody)
Dog in Wagon
Cat Scores A Soap Opera
Cat Finds Ball

April 17
Chihuahua Puppy Tries To Eat Big Dog Food
5 Welsh Corgi Puppies Running
Pig Plays With Pumpkin
Car Crash On Highway
Smart Car Commercial
Fan Uses Big Glove To Catch Foul Ball
Hot Wheels Light Rider Jump
Dubai Police Flaunt Lamborghini Patrol Car
Gotta Catch ‘Em All [SFM]

Jan. 29
Mixed Nuts in Space
Utah Winter Freezing Rain
Wenatchee Wild Coach Blind Referee
Smart Car Ad
Crow Feeds Dog & Cat
Yorkiepoo Puppy Plays With Ball
Puppy Playing In Front Of Mirror
Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo at 120MPH
Cat Playing Dead
Sleeping Cat

Nov. 16
The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob
Behind The Scenes Of Thor: The Dark World
Dog Slips
Timmy The Kitten
Motorcycle Outruns The Police
Guy Jumps Into Pile Of Leaves
Extreme Pogo Stick Jumping
Mayor Rhino
Charlie’s Bouncing Ball, He’s 22
Car Flips At Very Slow Speed

Nov. 15
Well-Done Costume
Magic Cheerleader Falls
Ibrahimovic’s Bicycle Goal
Shih-tzu Puppy
Puppy Drinking From Bottle
Kitty Does Flip
Cat Takes Care of Squirrel (CNN)
Cute Kitten On Her Back
Tuna Fish
Kitty Music Video

Oct. 25
Dog With Halloween Costume
2014 Gen 5 Corvette LT1 Small Block Engine on Dynomometer
0x10c Multiplayer Test
Motorcycle Crash
Cat Drinking Milk
Huskises VS. RC Car
PSY teaches Gangnam Style to Ban Ki-Moon
Green Heron Preening on a Windy Day
Flanders Scream
Grigor Dimitrov’s Behind-The-Legs Tennis Volley

Oct. 22
Young Rival – Two Reasons
Baby Panda
Cockroach Seen On Local News Reporter
Austin Rehkow Kicks 67-Yard Field Goal
Robot Gangnam Style
“Minecraft Style”
Creating Planets with Dry Ice Bubbles
World’s Shortest Freefall!
White American Bulldog Puppies
Jack White – I’m Shakin’

Oct. 21
Crash At Intersection
Goalie Fight
Car Drives Into Shopping Mall
Two Cute Puppies
Cute Animated Bird
Basset Hounds Playing
Tonka Garbage Truck
Kitty Playing Piano
Motorcycle at Daytona (POV of Bike)
Cats Playing With Camera

Oct. 18
1997 Litwak’s Arcade Commercial Featuring Sugar Rush Speedway
Helping A Woman Across The Street
Jeremy Evans: Block And Dunk
Why We Blush
Cat Struggles With Balloon
Dog Barks At Vacuum
Japanese Trailer For ‘Expendables 2′
Man Jumps Into Frozen Swimming Pool
Funny German Commercial
U-Turn Results In Car Accident

Oct. 15
Lego Version of “The Stratos Jump”
Portal Gun With Levitating Display
Black & White Video Where Everything Is Painted Gray
English Bulldog Puppy Playing With German Shepard
Dog And Cat Playing
Kitty Confronts Two Raccoons
G.I. Joe: Drone Operator
‘Big Shake’ Commercial
Big Bang’s Funny Runway Walk
Ronaldinho “Red Card”

Oct. 12
QVC Host Faints
Kitten At Play
Kathy Lee Drops Puppy
Orphaned Alaska Walrus
Twin Boys Fall Asleep While Eating Spaghetti
Cat And Mirror
Cat Kneads Dog
Contrived Office Accident
Poor Goal Keeping
Plywood Boat

Oct. 11
Dodge Ball Throw
Dogs Tries To Dig Up Root
Scissors Found On Football Field
Football Drop Kick 2012
Shane Dorian Surfing
Basejumper Richard Henriksen’s Accident
Man Gets Hit On Head At Rugby Match
Jumping Kitty
Kitty And Puppy In Same Bed

Sept. 21
This Is How Planet Mars May Have Lost Its Atmosphere
Hot Wheels World Record Corkscrew Jump
Collective Soul Cat
One-legged Soccer Player Scores Goal
Football Player Finds Grenade On Field in Iran
Pig Rescues Baby Goat
Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation (WIP)
Trying To Cheat Traffic
“C” Word Said On Kids Show
Lucky Jogger Barely Outruns Tram

Sept. 04
Golden Retriever Puppies
Old School vs. New School
Cat In Mushroom Hat
David Wetherill With A Fantastic Shot At The London 2012 Paralympic Games
Burning Man 2012: Mayan Tricycle
The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody
5 Cent vs 200 Amp
Geese Get Escort
Let’s Go “Bowling” (Legos)

Aug. 30
Complete Mars Curiosity Descent
Anchor Person Rebuked By Weather Person
Kid Crashes Bike
Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona – Andriano Red Card
WWII Bomb Detonated In Munich, Germany
MLP: FiM Cast Sings “Call Me Maybe”
Vanya The Motorcyclist
Jim Guthrie Flips His Mustang At Formula D Vegas
Patrick Monahan of Train Gives Shirt To Fan
Sleeping Kitty

Aug. 21
Blue Whale Impersonates Large Shark
Kitty Ruins Party
Kitty Playing In Hallway
Kitten Squeaking
Rory McIlroy Drives A Tennis Ball Through The Yale Bowl Tunnel
Man Calls 911 With Question About Growing Marijuana
Running Giraffe
Business Cats (Language NSFW)
Cute Puppy

Aug. 20
The Coltar – Lego Mindstroms Color Sensor Creates Music
Odd Transition From Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to Local News (8-17-2012)
Lady Gaga’s Body Guard Hits Fan
“Baby Got Back” Sung By the Movies
Cat Snuggling With Baby Chick
Cat and Guinea Pig
Puppies Fighting
Pig Racing
The Smell of Napalm in the Morning: The Supercut
“Don’t Stop Believing” Sung By the Movies

Aug. 15
Little League Game Ends On Appeal
Cat Knocks Object Off Dresser
Baby Elephant
Fawn Enters Doggie Door
Dog Reacts To Food Item
DeLorean Boat
Stan Lee On Most Overrated Comic Book Heroes
Kitty On Ledge
Bulldog Puppy
Four Cats
Chickens Break Up Fight Between Rabbits
Puppy Steals Food
Cat Plays With Bathroom Tissue
Sleeping Rabbits

Aug. 13
Cat Escapes Dog On Surf Board
Cat Flicks Door Stoppers
African Cat With Huge Ears
Puppies Vs. Cat
Puppy Sleeping
Woman Falls On Drum

Aug. 12
Olympic Synchronized Swimmer
Jack Russell Puppy
Pig Walks Down Stairs
Usain Bolt vs. Gravity
Welch Corgi Puppy
Cat’s Walk Edited To “Thriller”
Agape Cat
Niagra Falls
Puppy At The Pool

Aug. 8
Hillary Clinton Dances
Decrypt Screencast
Pull-ups On 110-Metre Tower
Obama Tetris
Lego Version Of Usain Bolt Winning 100m At London Olympics
Melissa Tancredi (Canada) Stamp On Carli Lloyd (USA)
Cat Climbs Down From Second Floor
Two Cats
Fluffy Persian Kitten

Aug. 7
Curiosity’s Descent
Mount Tongariro Eruption
Protest Goes Awry
Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis Read ’50 Shades of Grey’
Kitty Crying
Unhappy Cat
Rally Car Crash
Pig and Dog Playing
Science Behind Field Throwing Events
Elephant Drinks From Swimming Pool… That’s Occupied

Aug. 6
Superman vs Hulk – The Fight (Part 2)
Serena Williams Dances After Winning Olympics
Mars Mission: Rover Lands On Red Planet 2012
Will Smith Slaps Reporter
Cops Arrest Ferrari Driver
Kitten Falls Off Bed
Cat And Pug Playing
Husky/German Shepard Mix
Dancing Poodle (We Suggest You Turn Sound Off)
Kitten Playing

Aug. 4
Kitten Playing
Cat Fight
Purring Kitten
Cat Suckling Teddy Bear
English Bulldog On Skateboard
Mittelspitz Puppies
Roller Blader Lands On Back
Woman Crashes Scooter
Cat Wants Attention
Snake Bites Stripper (Probably NSFW)

Aug. 3
Umpire Ejects Daytona Cubs Music Man Derek Dye
Cat Playing Dead
Frank Caliendo Impersonates Stephen A Smith
Baby Aardvark
Highlights From “Dodgeball” (SFW)
Student Does Backflip in Dodgeball Game
Baby Elephant Sneezes
Chaz The Intolerant Chick-fil-A Chicken Returns Again
Homemade Plow On Front Of Subaru
Car Accident In China
Will Ferrell Mourns Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Break-Up On ‘Conan’

Aug. 2
Adorable Cat
Coach Slaps Player
Mars in a Minute: How Hard Is It to Land Curiosity on Mars?
LEGO Wheelchair
Cat Stuck In Hamster Ball
Mayor of London Stuck On Zip Wire
Kitten Gets Tickled
Sleeping Kitty
Man Drives Motorhome Into Swimming Pool
Monkey Armed With An AK47

Aug. 1
Superman vs Hulk – The Fight (Part 1)
Interesting Machine
Puppy In Snow
Dogs In Bed
Owner And Cat Conversing
Cats Playing In Snow
Lion and Baby At Zoo
Gorrilla And Man At Zoo
Scared Kitten
Talking Siamese Kitten

July 31
Kittens On A Slide
Sharapova hits Djokovic
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Kitten Sneezes
Wet Kittens
Bunny In Bathtub
Boston terriers
Dog Barks At Windshield Wipers
Dog Yearns For Cupcake

July 30
Driver Splashes Fellow Driver In Revenge
Dog & Horse Run Down Street in Russia
Parents Watching their Daughter Perform At Olympics
Cat Falls Through Ceiling Tile
Cat Shot By Imaginary Gun
Cat Sneezing
Jumper’s Shorts Caught On Golf Cart
Dogs Eating Cherries
Dogs Break Up Cat Fight
Cat & Dog Play Through Doggie Door

July 23
Tiger Woods In Sand Trap At British Open
Dead Or Alive 5 – Tag Team Action Trailer
Dancing Cats
Dog Dealing With Static Electricity
Spanish Water Dog Puppy
Kitten Afraid Of Vacuum Cleaner
Kitten Playing On Bed
Man Falls Off Ladder On OVC
Young Man Shocks Himself
Mishap At Target Store

July 20
2000 Ducks
Three Kittens
Cat On Horseback
Kitty Playing With Food Bowl
Bespeckled Dog With Head Out Car Window
Pig Races
Dog and Skunk
Cow hits woman training for bike race

July 19
Dog And Cat Playing Together
Jeremy Pargo’s Amazing Play
Kitty At Screen Door
Ducks Having A Conversation
How To Do The Chicken Dance
‘Hitler Cat’ Sits Down
Black Bears
Man Falls Through Roof
Time-Lapse Photography Of Hot Air Balloon Ride

July 17
Cobra Cat
Great Dane Getting Out Of Pool
Cat Sleeping
Cat Gets In and Out Of Bottle
Cat Celebrates 15 Years Of As Mayor
Cat In Sink
Bull Terrier Puppy
Mascot Crashes
Squirrel Eating Peanutbutter From Jar
Building On Fire

July 16
Cat Watching Pastor Evans
Kitten Sleeping Like A Baby
Kitten In A Box
Cats In Glasses
Cat Playing With Cat In Video
Dog Plays With Pet Duck
Teacup Bulldog
Puppy Sleeping On The Couch
Amazing Baseball Catch
DeeJay Yells At Dancer

July 14
Cute Kitten Playing
Five Kittens Playing
Newfoundland Puppy
Bulldog Getting Pedicure
Labradoodle Puppy
Two Kittens On Couch
Cat And Praying Mantis
Fans Give Steve Nash Beer On The Freeway
Giraffe Eating
Man Tumbles Over Railing Into Lake (Slow Motion)

July 13
Protestors Clapping Unison
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer With Paul Ruebens
Goats Surfing
Deep Sleeping Cat
Owls Playing With A Tennis Ball
Cute Kitten
Cats Play-Fighting
Kitten In Tree
Snowboard Fails To Land Jump
Father, Daughter Fall Into Water
Solar storm

July 12
Cute Kitten Playing With Camera
Super Golden Friends
Cat Playing With Christmas Decorations
Super Moon Walking
Dinosaur Bones Animation
Cute Puppy Walking
Grand Theft Auto: Lego City
Cat Climbing Screen Door
Thunder At Rangers Ballpark
Cat And Dog Playing
Bombay Bicycle Club – Beg

July 11
Cat Riding Turtle
Cat Uses Wheels to Help Get Around
Fans Boo Robinson Cano
Woman Claims She Never Made Cat Soup
Cat and Dog Interested By iPad App
Extremely Cute Kitten
Cat Sitting Like Human, Tail In Odd Place
Cute Puppy Takes Bath
Accident At Intersection
Man Gets Hit In Face With Dodgeball

July 10
Cats Snuggling, Playing
Soccer Player Dives
Cat Plays With iPad
Semi Truck Crashes into Gas Station
Fat Cat
Truck Drives Head-on Into Car
Kitten Playing
Dogs Runs In His Sleep
Do Cats Like Oranges
Bicycle With LED Lights

July 9
Soccer Player Struggles With Free Kick
Deep Sleeping Cat
Puppy Playing With Cat
Cat Licking Toy
Kids Collide Playing Hopscotch
Pug Puppies
Kid Falls Off Chair
Teacup Yorkie
Fight Scene From Bollywood
Dog Chases Cat, Breaks Mirror

July 8
Chinese Acrobat Survives Fall Off Tightrope
Mother Cat Hugs Kitten While Sleeping
Cat Going Wild On Kitchen Floor
Cat Leaps To Safety To Escape Burning Building
Cat Steals Towel
Cat In Woman’s Sweatshirt
Cat Survives Busy Road
Cat Opening Drawer
Young Man Fails To Land Backflip
Young Man Attempts Backflip

July 7
Kitty Interrupts Newscast
Baseball Fan Stages Fall
Cat Playing With Toy
Fat Cat “Playing”
Cat Sleeping
Woman Holding Maine Coon
Cat Trying To Sleeping
Kitty Begging Like A Dog
Cat Playing Monopoly, Winning
Himalayan Kittens

July 6
Montage of Kitties
Kittens, Sleepy Kitty
Group Of Puppies Act In Unison
Motorcyclist Crashes Attempting Trick
Bottle Broken Over Head Of Young Woman
Cat Bats Camera
Parrot Attacks Man
Bicycle Crash
Drunk Man On Mechanical Bull
One Car Takes Out Two Motorcycles

July 5
Toomas Heikkinen Crash At X Games
Cats Play Fight
Wimbledon Fan Gives Player Advice To Defeat Djokovic
Kittens In Box
Time Lapse Photograph of Disappearing Arena
Kitten Gets Best Of Puppy
Nastia Liukin Falls At 2012 Olympic Trails
Kitten Climbs Over Gate
Stephen Hawking on Higgs Discovery
Cat In Wardrobe
Cat Under Quilt

July 4
Kitty Eating Grass
Anchor’s Faux Pa When Speaking About Sausage Contest
Cat Plays With Pants
News Reporter Hit By Car (SFW)
Kitty Falls Asleep
Cheerleader Gets Punched By Basketball Player
Large Cat Rolling On Ground
Soldiers Dispose of Gas Tanker
Cat And Dog Play Fighting
Anchor Falls Asleep On Camera

July 3
English Bulldog Puppies
Dairy Cow At Work
Mother Cat And Her Kittens
Foxes Jumping On Trampoline (SFW)
Why Eeyore Is Always Depressed
Raccons Begging For Food
Dating The Count
Deer Enjoys Getting Petted
Octopus Moving On Floor
Real Breakfast Club

July 2
Real Cars Drive Like ‘Hot Wheels’ Cars
Rally Car Crash
Cat Swimming
Soccer Accident
Hitler In Gym
Cute Cat
Racist Answer On Kids Quiz Show
Dolphin Kiss Dog
Cute Kittens
Wheel Of Fortune Answer

July 1
Man Dives In Shallow Water
Soccer Playing Laughing
Old Man On Escalator
Cute Duckling
Head On Crash At Gas Station
Elmo Mascot Shouts Racists Slurs
Crazy Fan At US Open 2012
Angry Cat
James Bond Theme Played On Floppy Drives
Runner Accost Mascot

June 30
Cat Purring
Two Guys On Motorcycle
Batters Volley Baseball
AJ Hawk Pushes Guy Into Pond

June 29
Dog Pretending To Play Keyboards
Dog Scales “Doggie” Fence
Video Game Glitch ‘Pirates Online’
Cat Watching Thunderstorm
Cat Attacks Object
Kid Gets Hit In Face With Soccer Ball
Stampede of Corgis
Robot (Janken) Plays Rock-Paper Scissors, Always Wins
Egg Russian Roulette
General Lee On Roundabout
Food Handlers In India

June 28
Trick Golf Shot
Hockey Coach Trips Player
Snake Crawls Out Of Motorcycle While It’s Moving
Man Drives Scooter Into Pile of Sand
Ball Boy Makes Nice Catch
Standing Cat
Cat Playing
Black Jesus
Mentally Retarded Rooster
Building The Pyramids
Cute Cat

June 27
Drunk Woman Falls
Adorable Cat
Cat Watching Television
Cat Hugs Owner
Puppy Can’t Roll Over
MMA Fighter Runs Up Wall
Cat Slaps Dog
Tremendous Display of Sportsmanship
Horrible Crash (In A Video Game)
Sleepy Kitty

June 26
Porcupine Meets Pineapple
Kevin Hart – Laughing Like A Thug
Kitten On A Keyboard
Kate Upton Dancing
Dancers Performing In An Office
Dramatic Cat
Cute Mother Cat and Kitten
Cat Endures OWner
Cat Attacks Camera
Cat Attacks Automatic Feeder

June 25
Justin Beiber Sings Ne-Yo’s “Because of You”
Shockwave at Drayton Manor (POV)
Lego Avengers Movie
Cat Attacks Dog
Cat Gets Into Garbage
Andrew Pirlo – Penalty Kick – Euro 2012 – Italy Vs. England
Kevin Hart – Shaq Falling
Buxom German News Anchor
Buxom Spanish News Anchor
News Anchor In Ill-Fitting Dress
Quaresma Kicks Miguel Lopes

June 24
Jimmy Fallon Sings “Reading Rainbow” Theme As Jim Morrison
Scared Cat
Cat Tries New Food
Cat Fights Dog
Two Cats Playing
Cat Falls
Cat Rapidly Punches Another
Two White Cats Fight
Bag Of Garbage Falls Into Lava
Meerkats Playing With Watermelon

May 30
Steel Panther – Fat Girl
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Eric Prydz – Call On Me
Rebecca Black – Friday
Ke$ha Video Spoof